Thursday, April 08, 2010

Gallup says Congressional incumbents are in trouble

Politico's Andy Barr reports on a new Gallup poll on congressional reelects:

The poll, released late Wednesday, shows a strong anti-incumbent swing just in the past year, with the percentage of those who said most members do not deserve reelection spiking from the low 50s up to 65 percent.

“Voters' anti-incumbent mood is like nothing Gallup has seen in the past four midterm election cycles,” Gallup’s Lydia Saad wrote in her analysis of the survey.

“While that could have a negative impact on incumbents from both parties, the greater exposure of the Democrats by virtue of their majority status means greater risk for their candidates,” she wrote. “Additionally, both parties have seen their majority control of Congress wiped out in midterm elections with less anti-incumbent fervor than is seen today.

Yippee! Throw them all out! With the exception of my hero - Ron Paul - I'd be thrilled to see the rest get tossed. Unfortunately, as Tom Clancy correctly explained in The Bear and the Dragon and as Ron Paul correctly explained in End the Fed... staff drive the policy. So the newly elected officials would still need to ensure the staff get booted too.

And a related note... I believe Lydia Saad is a Norton graduate!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

You're right on Ms Saad. She got through CHS too.

Anonymous said...

Fire that Wethersfield HS interloper, Chris Murphy.

Let Nancy Pelosi put on her own mascara

Anonymous said...

The R's are having a great time. They've been digging themselves into a hole and are determined to stay the course. Do nothing oppose everything is a sound proven policy.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it Obama who ran on a platform called "CHANGE"?
WHat has he done?
Wasn't he the one who said the Iraq war would be over within 6 months of him becoming president?
Wasn't it the democrats who shoved this ridiculous healthcare plan down our throats?

What happened in Cheshire last November will carry over to this November and you will see CHANGE!

Anonymous said...

What's changed? No dead Americans from terrorist attacks and 401k plans up 15 percent instead of down 40 percent. Still too much unemployment and, unfortunately, continuing escalation of debt largely because of the stimulus package and extension of unemployment benefits for all those people who lost jobs during Dubya's reign of error.

Oh, we also now have a vice president who occasionally says stupid and vulgar things - but has never shot a friend in the face.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party has the worst image it's had in 20 years. Nate Silver says they can lose 50 House seats. When your opponents want socialism, being the "Party of No" is a great strategy

Anonymous said...

Anonymous April 09, 2010 10:23 PM said...
"The Democratic Party has the worst image it's had in 20 years...being the "Party of No" is a great strategy."

Yeah, right! And that clown, Michael Steele is leading your way.

Anonymous said...

how's Senator Coakley doing?

Anonymous said...

"...being the "Party of No" is a great strategy."

You forgot that the national party is the party of the rich, party of mean, party of the tobaco industry, party of the insurance companies, party of the drug comapnies,party of do nothing, party of bitchers, party of diviseness, party of screamers, party of hypocrits, party of the extreme right wing, party of liars, party of special interests, party of hate mongers.

How did the national party get like this? Why is the local Republicans so different? If only the national party was like Cheshire's local party, it would really serve and represent the people.

Ever think of how much better the economic recovery would have been if the, "Just Say No Party" Had worked to help the economy recover rather that being obstructionists hoping to slow any progress. ession would get worse.