Thursday, April 22, 2010

Linda McMahon at the Cheshire RTC

US Senate candidate Linda McMahon visited the Cheshire Republican Town Committee tonight. I was upfront with her and told her that I'm with Peter Schiff, but I really liked her a lot. I had a chance to speak with her one-on-one after she gave her stump speech and she struck me as very down-to-earth and just a regular person. And frankly, I'm pretty sure I've never met a gazillionaire before.

Anyway, I really liked her. Heck, she was even gracious enough to wait until the end of the meeting to take questions after all the other candidates (Guv, US Senate, Probate, state Senate, state House, etc.) were finished speaking. But I think the best part for me was that my mom was there, so I grabbed her and introduced her to Linda. And although my mom isn't a delegate to the May convention, I'm convinced she'll be supporting Linda from now until her race is over... be it May, August or November.

How do I know?

Two simple reasons.

Policy issues don't matter.

So what does matter?

Linda's been married for 43 years and she likes the UConn girls and Geno! No, no... I'm kidding. Policy issues matter, but Linda is very personable. And unlike many elections, I could definitely vote for her and not just vote against someone else. Though in all fairness, that's nothing negative toward anyone else. I just have a very positive view of Linda.

And here's Linda in her own words:

Other attendees tonight:

Peter Schiff - US Senate
Mark Boughton - Governor
Oz Griebel - Governor
Al Adinolfi - 103rd House
Richard Abbate - 90th House
Peter Bowman - Probate
Matt Jalowiec - Probate
Tim Lenox - 13th Senate
unknown - 13th Senate
Sam Caligiuri - 5th Congress
Mark Greenberg - 5th Congress

I can't recall who else was there. But there definitely were way more people at the RTC tonight (and over the past few months), than you normally get at a Town Committee meeting. Also nice to see people there who are younger than me. That's a rarity. But it's usually the youngin's who staff the campaigns. And there's definitely money flying around the state in this cycle... enough to hire paid staff.

Tim White


tim white said...

Larry Denardis (Governor) also attended the CRTC last night.

Anonymous said...

Tim Lenox is not running. He was there to introduce Len Fazio who is running against Gaffey.

tim white said...

And that must be the guy I listed as "unknown." Thanks for the head's up.

Now introducing... Len Fazio (state Senate). I hope he does well. Senator Gaffey needs someone to hold his feet to the fire.