Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Imus: Ron Paul talks Keynesianism and fiat money

Ron Paul discusses current happenings, including the bipartisan support for Keynesianism and fiat money. But I agree with Ron Paul that we need to turn off the printing presses - rejecting Keynesianism and fiat money - and return to some form of sound money.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"However, even in his own party, White has found some divide, as he believes the biggest issue in town is failed management but can't seem to gain any support from either side of the aisle. There's a divide among Council members on that," White said. "That's typical of politicians. They want to ignore the real problems and pretend it isn't there."

Wow! Now that's arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Certified staff does not equal teachers. Many essential staff are not in the classroom. This means your figures are way too low. The CT Board of Ed says class size varies on 05-06 as follows:

Kindergarten 16.4

Grade 2-19.0

Grade 5-22.6

Grade 7-26.2

High School-18.9

I believe these figures are taken by counting kids in seats on the first day.

If you want better stats, check