Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ranking of average "class size" for the past decade

Here's a very brief analysis of class size. It ranks each of the past ten years in the far right column.You can find my source for student population here and my source for certified staff here, if you want to review the data or perform some other calculations.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Certified staff does not equal teachers. Many essential staff are not in the classroom. This means your figures are way too low. The CT Board of Ed says class size varies on 05-06 as follows:

Kindergarten 16.4

Grade 2-19.0

Grade 5-22.6

Grade 7-26.2

High School-18.9

I believe these figures are taken by counting kids in seats on the first day.

If you want better stats, check

Anonymous said...

"Many essential staff are not in the classroom. "

Maybe you should have said TOO many staff are not in the class room.

Just what is essential and non-essential? It's past time to start cutting out the bloat in the town school system. Class room teachers, now they are essential. Hall monitors, office workers, teachers aides, and administrators don't seem so very essential.

Possibly the current model for schools needs some changes that would throttle down the massive numbers of employees with absolutely no time in a class room as a qualified teacher.