Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White advocates the Henry Channel for AT&T U-Verse

This is from the January Council meeting, but I believe I never posted it here. Basically, it's just my request to get Henry Chase's government channel added to the AT&T U-Verse TV service here in town. There are legitimate technical issues related to offering the channel on U-Verse. But other towns have made it happen. So I expect Cheshire will do the same.

And FWIW, I don't have any cable TV service... or any broadcast TV for that matter. I disconnected nearly in two years ago to save money. And I'm fine with it. Besides, I can always watch Family Guy or The Office on Hulu.

Tim White


Contoured Views said...

Wait till Hulu starts charging, which I hear could be soon.

I appreciate you trying to get it broadcast on UVerse, they are working hard in Cheshire to get customers and they have a superior product, in my opinion, for less money.

tim white said...

I hadn't heard anything about that... back to youtube I guess! Seems kinda dumb though since they can generate the same marketing / advertising model for Hulu as they use for broadcast. PLUS, Hulu is way more targeted. They drop some cookies in your comp and they know all about your clicks, etc... so they know exactly what products to push.

As for U-Verse, I'm not sure if it's superior or inferior. It is definitely a different product though. I've had people comment to me that they dislike it at first. But they get used to it and prefer it after a relatively short while.

I think it's a bit more than simply "clicking thru the channels."

Contoured Views said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but here is an article about Hulu charging:
Hulu Charging

tim white said...

hmmm... maybe. But Murdoch keeps threatening to charge for content, such as the WSJ. And while you have to pay if you enter articles thru the WSJ website... you can find the full articles online, if you take a back door thru google.

The NYTimes was threatening to charge for content... no later than summer of 2009. And how far has that gotten? Haha...

Anyway, just saying that charging for content is not simple. I suspect the long-sought "micropayments" is the only realistic way to make it happen. But then you absolutely need to deal with web security.

iTunes have figured it out. Maybe the news / TV services will piggyback on Mac?

I dunno. Stuff changes constantly though. And anyway, thanks for the head's up. I hadn't heard about that one at all.

Anonymous said...

If Comcast is allowed to grab a majority interest in NBC, then you'll definitely see less choices. Cox Cable has just announced an increase effective 3/1. U-Verse has the edge with more channels, lower fees and the ability to record 4 channels at the same time. I've been waiting months for it and can't wait to give Cox the heave-ho!

Anonymous said...

there is a U-Verse box within eye sight of my home and I've been told that I cannot have it.

I saw the report that Hulu was going to charge for access either by the episode or by the month. Youtube is considering doing the same for tv episodes and movies. Either way, everyone will be paying the cable company, the phone company or the internet site to watch anything.