Sunday, February 07, 2010

A suburban CT problem in the Great Recession

The NHRs Amanda Pinto reports on CTs suburban hunger problems:

“You think of Madison as an affluent town, but if you’re in need in Madison, it’s actually harder than if you’re in the inner city, because there they have more support services,” said Walden, a supervisor at Madison’s food pantry. “Here, it’s easy to fall through the cracks.”

Cheshire has similar problems.

Tim White


Matthew 25 said...

True story:

Mike Daly, the NY Daily News columnist, was walking down the street in NYC when he came upon a homeless man begging for money. Daly gave him a dollar saying, "This is from Father Mike" (Fr. Mychal Judge, the "Saint of 9/11" and patron of the poor).

The homeless man stood up, announced, "Father Mike was my spiritual advisor," then walked down the street and put the dollar into a Salvation Army kettle.

Every time I think of that homeless man giving his only dollar to people poorer than himself, I ask myself, "What's my excuse for not being more generous?"

The Cheshire Food & Fuel Banks need our help.
Visit for their addresses.

Mother Teresa used to say, "Give until it hurts". Father Mike used to say, "Give until it feels good". Either way, let's count and share our blessings.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness we live in Cheshire. I'll bet everyone got a 4.4% raise for 3 years.

House sales are booming and the local businesses are having a record year.

Let's get the artificial turf for all the schools and stop dikering about the pool.

Anonymous said...

This amazing story on ABC & CBS News:

A professional family in Atlanta sold half of all they own, and gave it to hunger and development projects.

They downsized comfortably into half the house space & consumption they previously had.;contentBody

Not everyone can give 50% of all they own to charity, but we can do a lot better than the 2.2% which Americans give on average.