Tuesday, February 16, 2010

$108,000 for energy stimulus funds

Cheshire got $108,000 in energy-related stimulus funds.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

That's a help.

Anonymous said...

What's the breakdown on how it will be used, if you know?

Anonymous said...

Paying down the town's debt with it would seem to be the responsible thing to do. However, I'm certain that the usual spoiled children will be standing in front of the town council with palms wide open looking for their 'fair' share.

The education-o-crats will want it all for the the education budget...the pool-jockey's will want it to pay for the wasted energy to heat the pool...the turf-heads will want it to cover maintenance costs that their fundraising efforts won't cover.

Did I miss anyone? More than likely the money will find its way into the hands of more consultants the town thinks it needs for projects it can't fund.

Anonymous said...

Don;t forget the yellow brick road in front of Anderson Tire!

Gone Anonymous said...

why pay down debt now? Sometimes its better to use the cash or hold it.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the money is supposed to be used for "energy", and whatever the stips are with it.
I doubt paying down the debt or allocating to the "usual spoiled children" is how it is intended or able to be used, unless the particular project will be condusive to the "energy" package.