Sunday, February 07, 2010

Everybody's not for sale

Someone started a rumor that Irv Morris is selling Everybody's, but his attorney denied it.

I find it difficult to believe he wants to sell it. He does fun stuff, such as the Christmas party. To organize and fund events like that says to me that he really loves it... and wouldn't want to sell it.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Great news.

Anonymous said...

Floaters can be very interesting and very telling. You don't have to sell your building when you close your business if you have a ready tenant.

The best vote of confidence for Everybody's is in their cash registers. Shop Everybody's and Everybody's will stay. Say its a great local company and buy 2/3rds of your groceries at S&S or eleswhere and they could find a lease to Whole Foods very attractive eventually.