Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day in the life: street life in Port-au-Prince

Some random pix of street life in Port-au-Prince, including a few while I was obviously moving in a car. I live in Jeremie and people here are somewhat receptive to photos when I ask. But the Republic of Port-au-Prince is a whole different ballgame. Oftentimes people don't like being photographed. And I respect that and ask before taking face shots. But I also figure that in these moving shots it's impossible to really make out the faces of anyone... so they're effectively anonymous photos anyway.

Here's a motorbike body shop:One of the thousands of beautifully hand-painted "tap-taps" that are used for mass transit in PAP:Some market scenes in PAP:Thankfully, the population of the tent cities is falling. Unfortunately, they still exist:Sun-dried tomatos have more moisture than Port-au-Prince after le soleil rises high over the Haitian capitol:

Tim White

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