Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day in the life: Camp Perrin to Jeremie -- the descent

After the ascent, I got to enjoy the descent!Easy sailin' from here on out:It's always a little upsetting to me to see the smoke in the forest. It's almost always the work of a charcoal maker who cuts down the forest to make the charcoal:We eventually got through the tallest mountains and entered the town of Bigarade:I love the pastel houses of Haiti and much of the Caribbean:As we passed Bigarade and approached Jeremie, there was even more heavy construction:Another one of the hand-painted buses:We finally reached the coastline where it meets this river:And this is the beachside town of Gomier:Gomier is the last town before Jeremie:I'm thankful we didn't have any breakdowns or other major problems. We were returning to Jeremie as the sun was setting. And one of my preferences is to be back at the house by sunset:

Tim White

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