Monday, February 13, 2012

A day in the life: road trip to Dame Marie, part 3

After coming across the mountains and making our way to Bette's place, we had arrived at our destination:We were joined by some of the local kids:And we were well-informed. As we had been told, we were visiting a little piece of Haitian heaven:Unsurprisingly, we were the only blancs in sight:But we weren't alone. There were several fishermen at work:The bay was quite tranquil. No undertow:By the time we were leaving around 2pm or so, the kids also went for a dip:And the rooster went for a run:Cockfighting is huge in Haiti. There are hens and roosters everywhere.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Tim. I had missed going to Dame Marie when I was in Jeremie. we had planned it for the day o elections and there was a rumor the road would be closed so we didn't go. I wondered what it was like. So sorry I missed it, it looks beautiful.

I met an American who is doing a lot with small agriculture and entrepreneurship out in Dame Marie. He's a Bostonian - McEnroe. Any word on how he and his enterprises are doing?

Thanks again,

Tim White said...

I don't recall McEnroe per se. I did get an email last week. It may have been from him... or simply included him in the distribution list. The thrust of the email was continuing a discussion re: PAP-JEE-Dame Marie flights.

Professeur? I'm sorry I don't recall you. Can you jog my memory?