Monday, February 13, 2012

A day in the life: road trip to Dame Marie, part 2

Most of the drive from Jeremie to Dame Marie was relatively flat. Passing through the towns of Tessier, Marfranc and Moron, we finally arrived in Chambellan. That’s where we really started climbing the mountains. And I last left you as we reached the peak. I now rejoin you as we descend to the lovely Dame Marie...

As we approached town, activity increased. As you know, Haiti is a poor country. And foot power is often the only option for moving goods:

Compared to the torn-up, washed-out road we had travelled for the past two hours, this cobblestone street was a blessing to this flat bed voyageur:

But the real treat came as we approached the seashore:

At the intersection, we turned left and headed toward the slice of paradise owned by one of our colleagues, Bette. The coastal road wasn’t so bad:

No words necessary:

Before finding Bette’s beach, the boulevard stepped inland. But the driver, Zeze, knew the entrance to her “neighborhood.” And we were soon cruising the “streets” in a “residential” area:

The street narrowed a bit, but we still had a border fence as a guide:

When the border fence gave way, we still had some coconut trees through which we could not pass. For we had no teleportation capabilities! So we kinda had to follow the foot path pretty closely:

But eventually the forest disappeared and we had open field in front of us:

Soon thereafter, we arrived at Bette’s Blue Bay and Beige Beach:

To be continued...

Tim White

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