Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day in the life: Road trip to Dame Marie, part 5

As we were approaching the town of Chambellan on our return trip from Dame Marie, we got a flat. Considering how rugged the roads are here, I was surprised we made it 2/3 of the round trip before getting a flat. But not to worry! Ze-ze, the chauffeur, had the pickup on jacks within three minutes, had the spare on within seven minutes and we were on our way within ten minutes! It was not a fun task on these dusty roads. And he had us driving again.

Couldn't help wondering though... hope we don't get another flat...

But Ze-ze -- and all Haitians -- have that sort of thing under control. Sure it was 4pm on a Saturday. And Mardi Gras was entering full swing. But that doesn't mean you'd put out the "Sorry, we're closed" sign on your Haitian Jiffy Lube:Not a lot of brick'n'mortar, but they have the necessary tools:Within ten minutes the popped tire was getting pulled off the rim and the inner tube was getting filed and heated for the repair job:After working the tube, Mr. Jiffy was putting the final touches on the patch job:Lo and behold, a fixed flat:And of course, we had fun playing games with the ti moun (literally little people, but more appropriately children)......because it's always fun to put a smile on a kid's face.The repair job cost 50 gouds... about $1.20. And our adventure was soon over as we returned to Jeremie at dusk.

Tim White

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Azer Eliassaint said...

Thanks for sharing the true face of Haiti, Dame-Marie, my hometown. Good job Tim!
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