Sunday, February 12, 2012

A day in the life: Camp Perrin to Jeremie -- the ascent!

As I previously explained, although I had no desire to ply the roads from Port-au-Prince to Jeremie... my hand was forced last July.

Having passed through Camp Perrin, my journey continued into the voodoo-drenched mountains of the Grand Anse!

Haiti's tombs and headstones are interesting:Related to Haitian cemetaries, one thing I've learned is that graverobbing is not uncommon in Haiti. Human bones are regularly stolen and used for voodoo ceremonies and other voodoo-related works.

The ascent began and the views were fantastic:Not only were the vistas to behold, but the tropical mountain flora represented Mr. Roy G. Biv from head to toe!Since it is a fairly treacherous road -- even at low speeds -- there's a great deal of ongoing construction work to improve it:People die in these mountains every year during the floods that raise the river levels:And this is where the road started getting really steep:There's not much level ground around here:Nor is there much in the way of paved road. This short stretch of "paved road" was about the extent of anything you'll find in these mountains.But at least I knew that at some point, we'd start the descent...

Tim White

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