Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Capital Budget '10/11: public works

Here's the TMs proposed capital budget for the PW Department:The first year of the budget includes sidewalks:Public Works vehicles:Blacks Road bridge:and Road Repavement:I know the roads have been generating some discussion, but I'm not getting into that at this moment... though I hope you can attend the PW Capital Budget meeting on Tuesday night and participate in the discussion there.

Tim White


Tony Perugini said...

It may be a little late to suggest this, and if a similar request already exists in the proposed capital projects list I apologize for repeating this.

We had a vandalism incident at Norton School (namely damage to windows and doors). It appears that someone used the metal poles that are part of the scaffolding being used by the Window contractor to attempt to smash the safety glass and doors near the 5th/6th grade area at Norton School.

It is believed this occurred last Friday night. There were a number of beer cans strewn about the area and a box of roofing nails was also thrown about the parking area. Cheshire police are investigating this.

I don't know what the damage estimate is yet but perhaps these incidents may be prevented if we implemented video surveillance at some of the town buildings. This may actually save us money if these incidents continue around town. I don't know if a capital request exists for this but it should be considered.

As a side-note, it's rumored that Channel 8 was on-site reporting on this incident. There's construction going on at Norton for window replacement and asbestos removal. As such, some of the windows are covered with plywood in front of the school as part of the construction work. As such, it may look like the vandalism was far greater than it is if you caught this on Channel 8.

Tony P

Anonymous said...

That is a good thought, but I get concerned that we will end up spending way too much for the system.
I see a complete 4 camera set up with internet capability for under $400. If we can get a system like this, then I say go for it. If they go through a security company, they will be paying thousands.

How about this, parents should keep checks on their kids, especially when they are teenagers. Question where they were and see if they smell alcohol on them?? Novel idea, but to many parents today don't seem to care.

Anonymous said...

I think some of the schools have outside video surveillance at least at some entrances. Maybe even just posting signs indicating the area is under survellance would deter vandalism.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt the town already have a CCTV system on town buildings? Norton should have cameras on it like CHS and Dodd already do. If it doesnt, lets add a system to each school and at each of the parks to crack down on vandalism all over town. I've been told that the system the town has is internet based so the department heads can check the status of individual buildings at any time. Add more cameras to town buildings and have the dispatchers keep tabs on the monitors.