Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cheshire Republican Town Committee on July 22

The Cheshire Republican Town Committee; meets tomorrow night. The CRTC meets on the 4th Thursday of every month. It'll be the last meeting prior to the August 10 primary election. While I doubt any of the candidates for the Constitutional offices, US Senate or CT-5 will be there, other candidates will likely be there. We've got two candidates for state Senate (Markley & Suzio), three candidates for state Rep (Abbate, Adinolfi & Brown). But I don't think any of them are facing a primary.

You may get a chance to speak with two Rs though who will be squaring off on August 10: Matt Jalowiec and Peter Bowman. They're vying for Probate Judge. Just a couple days ago I got an email from Matt regarding his challenge to Peter for a Probate debate. But if I read the email correctly, the LOWV has not yet agreed to coordinate it. So I'm not sure if that'll happen, even if Peter agrees... and of course, Peter hands are full this week ... congratulations, Dad!!!

Tim White

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