Thursday, July 08, 2010

August 10: Candidates for Governor & LG

In November, we'll be voting for a ticket of Governor and Lieutenant Governor... and casting only one vote. But in August, you'll get two votes: one for Governor and one for LG. So here are the websites and FB pages (mostly the "politician" pages, not their "friend" pages) for everyone I know to be running for Governor on August 10:

The Oz for Governor website and Oz Griebel's FB page

Fedele 2010 website and Michael Fedele's FB page

Tom Foley 2010 website and Tom Foley's FB page

Dan Malloy website and Dan Malloy's FB page

Ned Lamont website and Ned Lamont's FB page

And the candidates running for LG are online @:

Mary Glassman's website and Mary Glassman's FB page

Nancy Wyman's website and Nancy Wyman's FB page

Mark Boughton's website and Mark Boughton's FB page

Is there anyone else running for either Guv or LG? I think one of the smaller CT towns has a First Selectman running for Governor without either of the two major parties. But his name escapes me.

I'll probably try to do this for all the other candidates that'll be on the Cheshire ballot, but not tonight.

And speaking of the state's highest office, Jodi Rell visited Lock 12 this week.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Some of the Rs for Gov certainly aren't playing very nicely.

Josh said...

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tim white said...

Lisa Foley is running for LG as an R...

No idea if she's related to Tom Foley.