Monday, July 19, 2010

Capital Budget '10/11: Parks & Recreation

Since the Finance and Parks & Rec Departments are both up tomorrow night, I figured I'd give you both tonight... for those of you who are considering attending. As for the details on both the Pool Replacement Bubble and Expansion of Linear Trail, I'm covering only items in the current year capital budget for the most part. But since both of them tend to generate a lot of discussion around town, I'll probably post the TMs details sometime soon... just not tonight.

Anyway, here's the TMs proposal for the Parks & Rec Department's five year budget:Here are the details on Park Improvements:And here are the details on Equipment Replacements:As for the "rule" that capital budget items:

1) cost more than $110,000; and
2) have a life expectancy greater than five years

without researching it, I'm guessing that the TM is proposing these items get covered with the operating budget (not the capital budget) via the Capital Non-Recurring (CNR) account. By using the capital budget's CNR account, we wouldn't bond the money to buy a truck. We'd be paying cash. And that's appropriate IMO.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I would not want to see perimeter fencing at Bartlem or Cheshire Park regardless what type fencing is used. Maybe I'm not aware of it, but is there really a problem of unauthorized vehicles ripping up the fields at these parks? I've never noticed any problems. I thought we installed cameras to keep an eye on some of these areas.

tim white said...

At tonight's meeting a resident voiced concern about a car veering into a little league game... and how extending the wooden barrier may help avoid something like that. So it's a concern about accidents more than intentional joyriding in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The description given says fencing "similar to McNamara.."

Whether wooden or chainlink I just hope we wouldn't see each field enclosed by fences.

tim white said...

gotcha... missed that. I agree with you about avoiding that sort of fencing... makes it impossible to use the field for other stuff like soccer or pickup football games, etc.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a previous request for a storage shed over at Bartlem by the pool area? I seem to remember it being a lot less than $143K. Or are we talking about another storage shed now? I assume there's no extra storage room across the street at CHS in those red garages out back.