Sunday, July 11, 2010

Council meeting agenda - July 13, 2010

Here's the agenda for Tuesday's Council meeting:

I'm glad to see Council Chair Slocum asking the Ordinance Review Committee (Chaired by Anne Giddings) to look at the Town's pension plans. I have hope that the union contract still in negotiations (Town Hall, Public Works & Library) will eliminate Defined Benefit Pension Plans for future union hires.

A year ago the Council eliminated DB plans for future non-union hires.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Uh oh....just read Money Magazine August issue that lists the Top 100 best places to live. Cheshire didn't make the cut. West Hartford ranked 55, Stamford 78, Bristol 84 and *GASP* Hamden 87.

Now what do we do? We're screwed. Tim: What's the Town Manager's gameplan for getting up back on this list?

Anonymous said...

clearly something is wrong there - Hamden is awful and schools even worse - wth? you couldn't pay me to live there

Anonymous said...

There are 169 CT towns...Money Magazine readers found in many of those. This is about selling magazines and flattering governemt folks and resident readers. Look at the Wow factor with the best colleges review in US News. Folks used to look at the colleges and they pick up the magazine for their "rankings" and the schools pitch their picks. This stuff sells the mediocre and the excellent. Big deal!

Tim White said...

Tim: What's the Town Manager's gameplan for getting up back on this list?

No comment. I've already moved south to The Promised Land! haha... seriously though, I like Hamden. I've taken classes at Quinnipiac and also worked there one summer. I'm happy if they got ranked in the top 100. Frankly though, I think it is mostly about selling magazines.

Tim White said...

I've also used their library, linear trail and sometimes go to the Hamden S&S (and Hamden Plaza & Mart) on my way home from work.

Anonymous said...

I think the criteria for this ranking was ct towns with populations of 50 to 100 thousand.

Anonymous said...

The cost of public employees and their benefits are totally of of whack with reality.

We are not that much different from Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain. We are rapidly sinking nto their level. Too much government spending for low productivity and too much spending on services no one needs or wants, except for the people that run them.