Monday, December 13, 2010

Council meeting - December 14, 2010

It'll probably be an interesting Council meeting tomorrow night.

First thing will likely be the appointments of Steve Carroll and Patti Flynn Harris to fill the vacancies of Justin Adinolfi and yours truly.

Then you'll see the turf vote. I'm uncertain of what way it'll go, but this was my whip count back in June: 4 favor, 3 oppose, 2 unknown. I had Justin listed in favor and myself opposed with David Schrumm and Anne Giddings opinions unknown.

And last, but certainly not least, the annual vote on extending the TMs contract. I don't know how this vote will go. But seven years ago I asked the TM to "make the trains run on time." Unfortunately, he's done far more than that. And since his last contract extension, he's:

1) Meddled in union affairs to influence the outcome of last year's election.

Ignored the crisis at the PD, in order to spend time in Hartford advocating for John Destefano's regional sales tax.

Accepted the waste and mismanagement at the DPW.

Judgment matters. He could do a good job making the trains run on time. But for him, that's not enough. He insists on playing politics and accepting poor quality work -- at the expense of the taxpayer -- while covering up for his cronies.

A TM should be a professional, not a politician. We can do better.

And on a related note... in case you hadn't noticed... we've had one TM since 2000. And if you go back to 1999, with one exception, the voters have switched Councils every two years. Anyone see a pattern there? Unfortunately for the taxpayers, they don't have the opportunity to vote on the Chief Executive.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Town Manager must go. He is the biggest problem this town has, Plys poitics in lieu of managing. Time for a change.

Turf, If money is donated and then must go into town cofers and must have a referendum to spend

Anonymous said...

Milone's attitude is,
"councils come and go, but Im here forever".

What Acton said is so true, "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Its definitely time for a change, time for new blood and a fresh outlook in the TM's office.

Anonymous said...

What will the TM do to cut taxes? With the technology available today; the staff should receive significant cuts in personnel. The Republican council should take into account the peoples ability to afford more increases in spending. The attitude of the political TM must be replaced by a new TM.