Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A precursor of things to come?

At this moment, I have not yet heard of any deaths in Jeremie related to the political violence sweeping the country. Though people seem to have been killed in most of the other towns.

I did hear the gunfire for several hours last night. This morning a local friend insisted on walking me to work. Everything -- banks, schools, gov't offices, airports -- is closed. But the bottom line to me is that there no deaths of which I'm aware in Jeremie, thankfully.

It is interesting though. Just before lunch, I saw the "manifestation" pass by my office. There was no gunfire. Rather, it was something like an impromptu parade... with people cheering, playing horns, carrying signs... but I was told that the cheers -- in Creole -- included calls for the President's execution and the removal of UN forces from Haiti. Yikes.

Precursor to a revolution? Not that far-fetched IMO. People are angry.

Jeremie is a relatively quiet town, but the situation is extremely volatile.

Tim White


Breachway said...

Time to get out of Dodge Tim....

tim white said...

C'est impossible.

Airports are closed indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

I hope the US Marines are on standby, and that you keep your ears open in case you have to be evacuated.

tim white said...

I know the State Dept is concerned. They issued a highly unusual memo last night basically suggesting the election was bogus. They don't make such statements lightly.