Friday, December 03, 2010

Journalists need reliable sources

Only one week has passed and it appears that the international media -- in this case, the NY Daily News -- have finally caught up with TWL:

Up to 12 people accused of using "black magic" to infect others have been murdered as a result of the week-long witch hunt, with new cases being reported daily.

Local officials reported that six suspected witches in the town of Chambellan were stoned or hacked to death, a fate that an additional three people met in the city of Jeremie...

"Their corpses were burned in the streets."

Lesson for the day?

If journalists don't have sources, they won't get the story. Good journalists take the time to know lots of people... and are not only continually meeting new people, but also catching up with old friends.

And if you've ever wondered why a particular story isn't being reported... call a reporter and let him / her know. Who knows where that call could lead?

Tim White

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