Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A day in the life: The doors of Cap Haitien

Haiti's main city is Port-au-Prince. PAP is the capitol and the heart of Haiti. It can seem like an entirely different world from the rest of Haiti. Sometimes PAP is even called the "Republic of Port-au-Prince." :)

There are other cities in Haiti though. The second biggest city in Haiti is Cap Haitien. I had the chance to visit in August 2011. Although my main draw to Cap Haitien was the awe-inspiring Citadelle, what I found was... in its own way... enchanting. I give you...

The doors of Cap Haitien!

I love the colors...

especially the pastels...

Look... Donald and Mickey are everywhere!

This is a lottery stall of sorts. It's one of thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of such gambling halls across Haiti.

And again... those beautiful Caribbean pastels.

Tim White

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