Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some random pix of Jeremie

There are paintings all over Haiti, particularly of celebrities. Here are a couple of American kids. I may not know who the kid is in the lower left, if not for Senatorial-hopeful Chris Murphy who tweeted about "Biebs" last year:This is the path that leads from my place to La Ville:A view of the neighborhood from the path that goes downtown. It's basically a neighborhood built upon the cliffs of a ravine that towers at least 75 feet from the base to the peak:Some quadraped transport:The local cemetary:A resident of the cemetary who wasn't too thrilled with my presence:Unfortunately, the cemetary doubles as a dump:One of my colleagues, Martha, with two kwash (malnourished) sweetie-pies at the Center of Hope:A view of the Jeremie beach:An abandoned ship at the Jeremie beach:The Education Ministry:Some of the rusted tin roofs of Jeremie:The ubiquitous "Digicel" sign. Digicel is one of the large cell phone service providers in Haiti:Some more random roofs:And one of the many churches:Tim White

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