Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A day in the life: Abricots beach

We had made it all the way from Jeremie to Anse du Clerk to the artisans enclave. We had seen Abricots from on high and we were now headed to Abricots beach!

After hiking from the artisan enclave to sea level, Amy and Martha led the way through a cemetary:

Behold the beach!Which doubles as a handy dandy fishing port for boats that are both constructed:and carved:Aside from the obviously necessary retainer wall that spanned part of the beach, I thought this beach and cove couldn't get much nicer:As the day wore on, the trading boats began arriving froom the rivers near Jeremie. They collect goods along the rivers, then set sail for Abricots -- and further west in Dame Marie -- drop anchor in the cove, then walk their goods ashore to be sold to the throngs awaiting their arrival:Before too long, the entire Merchant Marine Armada had arrived:After a dip in the warm, turquoise waters, Martha and Ed couldn't help engaging a crowd of the local ti mouns (translates as little people or kids). They were singing He's Got the Whole World in His Hands for probably ten minutes. So much fun that I had to run out of the water and snap a few shots:What they really seemed to enjoy though was when I joined them and added my own Haitian Kompas dance to spice it up! But I made sure there was no photographic evidence of my tomfoolery!

Tim White

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