Sunday, March 25, 2012

A day in the life: Going farther afield

Since I finished my online studies at Connecticut's Charter Oak State College -- an experience I enjoyed -- I've been trying to get some exercise. Typically that means I go for a walk around Jeremie. But this week I decided that I needed to go farther afield and leave Jeremie proper.

With my successor, Amy, in tow, I headed for the farthest point I had previously walked and set forth beyond the confines of Jeremie's paved streets. The corner I visited today was the school we sponsor, St. Pierre School. You see it here in pastel orange at the bottom of the Haitian Cliffs of Dover:Our adventure to visit the peak of a nearby hill began simply enough. But we soon realized that crossing the river was more than meets the eye. With expansive flatlands surrounding the mouth of the river, I guessed the river was fairly shallow. How wrong I was. There was no walking across this river. And since we each had a camera -- and were still concerned about water-borne cholera -- we decided that it would be best to take the ferry across. And having haggled our ferry service price for two people from 100 gouds down to 50 gouds, we finally jumped in the boat.Across the river, down the beach and up the hill we went:Here's Amy enjoying the Haitian sun:And me also getting my share of cancer rays:Some flowers along the way:And some scenes you'll see play out across Haiti everyday. Daily life:Tim White

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