Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lockerbie and Cheshire

Yes, Qaddafi was behind it. And yes, Qaddafi should die for it... among other reasons. But I'm thinking about Cheshire's two murderers, Komisarjevsky and Hayes.

Some legislators like to claim that their DP repeal won't impact the two murderers. I disagree. Not only could that legislation be used for an appeal on prior DP sentences, but even worse... if they live, they may eventually get their freedom.

I don't know if that's what Lawlor actually wants -- for Komisarjevsky and Hayes to eventually be "reformed" and freed -- but when you look at the Lockerbie bomber getting out over a year ago because he was "going to die in six weeks," then it should be plain as day that the DP should stand. And Joshua and Steven should receive their penalties in an expeditious manner.

Tim White


Anonymous said...


Welcome back and glad to hear from you. Stay safe-

Anonymous said...

Can't agree with you more.
Malloy likes to say that those already sentenced to death will still get that penalty, but we know that any lawyer just out of law school could get their client off death row if they repeal the law.
It still amazes me that polls show the majority of this state are in favor of the death penaly, yet the legislators don't want to hear it. I realize these legislators represent different districts, but here in Cheshire, we had a legislator who lost the election because she was going against the majority of her constituents. How many of them are doing that?

Anonymous said...

Too bad Conn. doesn't have the initiative Referendum like Mass., where the voters can override the legislature. With 65% of Conn. voters supporting the death penalty, the legislature's action would be overwhelmingly reversed by the People.