Monday, March 14, 2011

It was because of a protest

From the Haiti Observer:

A Bus in direction to Jeremy, overturned as the bus slammed into a roadblock made by protesters. According to Police, these protesters were upset because they were not hired for a job to which they had applied for.

9 people were pronounced dead on impact and 24 injured were transported to a Hospital in Les Cayes.

Three people were immediately arrested for this accident.

My friend died because of some stupid protesters... coupled with a bus driver who was obviously speeding. But equally horrible is that the police decided to take action after the accident. Nine people are dead and their lives could've been saved... but that's par for the course here.

Soon after I arrived last fall, I asked for the number to call if I needed the police. I wondered if it was 911. Instead I learned I should dial G-O-D. I was told "don't bother, they don't show up until you give them money for gas."

Tim White


Anonymous said...

RE: "don't bother, they don't show up until you give them money for gas."

Sounds like many Connecticut legislators!
(Tom Gaffey comes to mind, and there's many more where he came from)

Breachway said...

whats the feeling over there now that Japan has been hit with the quake and tsunmai? I suspect it will only hurt the Haiti support?

Tim White said...

Breach... no idea. I'm aware of the EQ in Japan, but I have yet to hear anyone mention it at all. There's not much TV here, so people may be largely unaware.

As for support... this place is so rife with corruption, waste & mismanagement... I'm skeptical about any sort of support until they get a new government in place.

Thankfully, the next step in that process is Sunday... the runup to the Mar 20 runoff election has been largely violence free. Hopefully that will continue... and whoever takes office will work to reduce the BS that exists / occurs here.

Btw, I'm happy with my work. It's just the gov't that is incredibly frustrating.