Monday, May 28, 2012

A day in the life: downtown Jeremie

After I finished my classes last November, I started taking walks around Jeremie. Here are a few pix I snapped. Here's the picture that the Herald ran with their story. I took it outside St. Pierre School, the school we sponsor.
Another shot of the same group of kids:
And here are some pix from atop a hill that's on the edge of Jeremie at the southern side of its bay. If you look at the right edge of the photo, you'll see the pastel orange building near the middle of the right edge. That's St. Pierre School. About another 30 feet to the right and you'd see the beach view that it has. No, it's nothing glamorous. Considering that Haiti is largely deforested, the nearby major river ensures that Jeremie's bay is never Caribbean blue. And considering that Jeremie, as well as Haiti, has not trash collection system, the beach is covered in garbage that gets washed there from the nearby hills. Regardless, I always try to find the bright side to any situation. And if you can get past the garbage and poverty for just a moment, the ocean view from the school is nice.

Tim White

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