Monday, May 28, 2012

A day in the life: colleagues

Some of my colleagues... Philippe, an accountant, wearing a hat I gave him for the annual party... Kah-ni-val or Mardi Gras!
This is Mirleine. Her crutch is a result of typhoid. Running water and sanitation systems have stamped out typhoid in the USA. But due to poverty, Haiti doesn't have such amenities and typhoid still occurs. And while it may be difficult for a disabled American to find work in the USA, you can imagine how difficult it would be to find work in Haiti... where official unemployment runs in the range of 70% to 80%. Thankfully, my boss, Sister Maryann, is a living saint. And as you might expect, Mirleine helps out at the klinik and earns a modest living for her efforts.
And here's Pierre Emile. He's our construction manager. He's fantastic with people and has to be. Although organizing construction projects in the USA will involve many people, such as materials vendors and architects, Pierre Emile's job is a bit different. Our houses are in far flung places that can require a four hour drive, then a four hour walk. And then he needs to meet with the beneficiary and laborers on site. So oftentimes, those conversations can occur when someone is already pretty tired. But Pierre Emile is wonderful at it.I thank all of my 200 or so colleagues for their efforts. Tim White

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