Saturday, November 19, 2011

Haitians don't have a lot, but they use what they have

Haitians don't have a many material things. But they do have their fair share of coconuts. And the "coco-ay" makes it into many dishes:And as I said, they don't have many material things, including things like graters. So take a look at this grater a bit more closely:Haitians recycle a lot! Graters tend to be made from recycled spray cans. They'll chop off both ends, split the tube from end to end with one cut, flatten it to a rectangular shape, then punch holes throughout the flat piece of metal.

Voila... a free homemade grater!

As for the pot, it was probably made in Haiti from melted aluminum soda cans.

Whether it's Haiti, Vietnam or other poor places I've been, I find that people tend to get very creative when they have very little.

Tim White


Breachway said...

Hey Tim,

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all is well.

On a side note I thought you might be interested to know that I too had to face the consequences of the economy when my company announced last week that they were turning our DB plan into a cash balance plan. My future benefits will be a fraction of what I would have otherwise expected. I was a proponent of your work against the towns DB plans, so I guess I understand where the company is coming from when they talk about the savings as they get their US balance sheet in order for a possible IPO or buyout....... the difference is that my private employer is still making billions where as the taxpayer is footing the bill in town/

Keep up the good work in Haiti....Cheshire will be here when you get back...Tony picked up the blogging slack....

Tim White said...

Thanks Breach. And I realize the switch from DB to DC is no panacea. And when negotiating with unions, I don't even expect that it would necessarily save money (unlike your company). That's because while a DB plan may require an average contribution of 10% per year... a DC plan could contribute something much higher, though it's usually lower than that.

Anyway... yeah... Tony is doing his part to keep blogging alive and well in Cheshire. I very much appreciate that. Transparency and discussion of public policy is important.

Again... thanks. And hope the holiday season is good to you and your family!

Tim White said...

And forgot the main benefit I see with the DB to DC switch...

Government has proven itself incapable of proper long-term planning because elected officials rarely look beyond the next election.

So with regard to the local stuff, over the long run I believe individuals will be more responsible than the town. And it's not necessarily where we stand today... but where we'll stand 30 years from now.