Monday, September 09, 2013

Lying to start a war: What's new?

Although President Obama is beginning to tacitly acknowledge the lies on which he predicated his call for war on Syria... and now admitting that he just wants to show Iran that he's the toughest kid on the block... I think it's worth reminding ourselves of history... and the lies that were told to involve the USA in other wars.

Due to my father, I'm fairly knowledgeable about the Vietnam War. Here's a copy of the letter he sent to the New Haven Register on December 7, 1967. His letter got him called by Senator Fulbright to testify about the truth of how we were dragged into that war.

More to come to explain the immediate consequences and long-term results of my dad speaking truth to power.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Hi, Tim
Is there any way you could post a transcription of that letter? I can't get the image to scale up legibly.

FunnyDiva from FDL

Anonymous said...

Never mind:
Save image, then open with "Paint" or other graphics will open full size and quite legible.

Timothy White said...

Thanks FD.

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