Monday, October 29, 2012

A problem with Obamacare

With Hurricane Sandy approaching, I was watching the news yesterday.  It was a typical shot of a weatherman standing near the shoreline with the massive waves beating the coast... in Rehoboth Beach, DE, I think.

Though I don't know if coastal Delaware had been evacuated at that time, parts of Manhattan had already been evacuated.  Expectations were already high that Sandy would be a damaging storm and the waves were a good indication of that.

Yet the waves were not a good indication for everyone that danger was nearing.

Behind the reporter was a surfer riding the waves.  And considering that the surfer had not only gone out there, but remained in the water, he was clearly enjoying himself.  I was happy for the surfer.  I say let him enjoy those waves.  But then I remembered Obamacare.

If this idiot chooses to ignore many coastal evacuation warnings... and ignore the fact that he was on an abandoned beach, except for a video crew... and ignore the fact that the weather conditions were rough... then if / when he -- or other like-minded individuals -- get hurt... why should one penny of my tax dollars go to help him?

No thank you.

I realize this is a fairly extreme example.  But it's not much different from the lifelong alcoholic with cirrhosis.  Why should I help pay for the liver transplant?

Again, no thank you.

I realize we have problems with our healthcare system in America.  But I really, really dislike the notion of me being held responsible for those who take so little responsibility for themselves.

Tim White

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