Thursday, September 20, 2012

Town wide energy management plan progressing

It's been probably about seven years that I've been pushing for Cheshire to implement a town wide energy management plan, including serious consideration of a performance contract as a financing mechanism.

And although I attended the meeting and vote at last week's Council meeting, the MRJs Andrew Ragali has now written a piece explaining the status of Cheshire's town wide energy management plan:

The Energy Audit Contracting Review Committee will take information gathered by Ameresco, which performed the audit on all town-owned buildings over the last year, to pinpoint the proposals that will move forward as capital projects this spring.

The article also notes that while lighting improvements have been identified and tend to have quick payback periods:

Other projects identified by Ameresco include improving computer technology, energy management systems and building weatherization. There are also plans to eliminate electric heat at Highland School and Cheshire High School, and replace old boilers and furnaces in town buildings. Some projects concentrate on upgrading windows, pipe insulation, transformers, roofing and water conservation efforts. Masciana said the committee will also look into solar and wind power projects.

I'm glad that the town is moving forward. As you can see here, other CT municipalities are already making town wide projects happen:

I thank the members of the Council, Energy Commission and town staff for getting us to this point.

Tim White


Hanery said...

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Anonymous said...

You did nothing for this issue is was former councilman Matt Alteri who go this ball rolling sorry tim you did nothing here

Anonymous said...

We all know that Tim spearheaded energy savings for many years.

The previous poster is just bitter and angry that Altieri was overwhelming tossed out by the voters. The misspelling of his name looks like a lame attempt to camouflage his trolling here.

Anonymous said...

7:24... haha... that's a good one. And maybe you should write a letter to the NYTimes about Audit the Fed. You can thank John Boehner for FINALLY making it happen, then tell Ron Paul that he should just go home because he had nothing to do with passing that legislation... haha... you're too much.

Tim White

Breachway said...

nice job Tim. I have to say I have seen several news stories over the last year or so talking about performance contracting - and I thought of your attempts to get the town to take a look at it...I guess better late than never.

Tim White said...

Breach... haha... thank you.

Still worthwhile though, for town, state, nation, world. Conservation first, then new energy sources. Now trying to follow the PC review... hoping we can move forward next summer, though there are some concerns about time constraints.