Friday, June 01, 2012

SHOCKING: Corruption charges in Hartford!

The FBI is investigating if Speaker Chris Donovan was influence peddling in Hartford. And while Register Citizen's CT-5 Campaign Team had already begun questioning the value of contributions to Donovan's campaign, in Cheshire we already knew all about the shady side of the Meriden Democratic party. Let's not forget our disgraced state Senator, Tom Gaffey.

But Cheshire is already acutely aware that corruption permeates Hartford. After years of trying to understand how Cheshire secured the $525,000 state grant for the artificial turf, I finally had the opportunity to directly question state Rep. Mary Fritz on camera. I asked her to inform Cheshire voters of the criteria used to allocate the $525,000, noting that it came from a $12,000,000 pot called the Speaker's "discretionary funds." Rep. Fritz' response:

"They are not slush funds! It's called negotiations."

Does anyone else get the sneaking suspicion that Rep. Fritz' "negotiations" are similar to the "negotiations" that occurred between Donovan and the Roll-your-own tobacco dealers?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Glad the blog is back to its old self.

Nice work Wisconson, lets recall Malloy!

Tim White said...

Not back to its old self. I'm just too busy at the moment and, frankly, hesitant about jumping back in because of it. But I'm back in town and know I haven't lost the passion in the least bit... so I'll be blogging, but definitely not on a daily basis.

At the moment, at the behest of my dad (who is a literary agent), I'm crafting something on Haiti. He wants to try to publish it. So I figured, why not?!