Friday, January 06, 2012

Ron Paul takes the gloves off with Rick Santorum

Ron Paul took the gloves off. He started with Newt. Now it's Santorum:My choices at this point:

1) Ron Paul

2) Rick Perry / Jon Huntsman

I love the fact that Rick Perry actually challenges Bernanke and the Fed. But I also appreciate Huntsman being willing to ratchet back the aggressive foreign policy being pushed by Newt and Santorum.

Tim White

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Cedar Lane said...

Senator Sanctimonious, er, Santorum isn't so pure and holy after all. Gingrich’s principles depend on who’s paying him. Rick Perry can never get elected outside the South. Ron Paul is kooky on foreign policy (sorry, Tim) and cannot be elected; he’s reached his ceiling.

For me that leaves Romney and Huntsman. I’ll probably vote Huntsman in the primary, and Romney in Nov. Romney has the best shot of beating Obama, and his reputation as a flip-flopper is greatly exaggerated.

I just hope the Tea Party can settle for 80% correctness on issues (Romney) and not stay home thereby handing Obama the election.