Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Herman Cain is already misleading the American people

Herman Cain is a card-carrying member of America's largest counterfeiting operation, the Federal Reserve system. And although he's no longer officially involved, he has spent much of his run for POTUS as an apologist for the counterfeiters.

Much of his role as an apologist had been ignored to this point in the race. But he made a really big mistake during tonight's debate. While he's great with the sound bite, his fast talk got the better of him.

When Ron Paul called him out as The Federal Reserve's cheerleader, Cain talked too fast. Herman Cain was not only intentionally misleading in answering Ron Paul's question, he also demonstrated his astoundingly poor judgment by continuing his cheerleading for Alan Greenspan's arrogance and his 24/7 printing presses.

HuffPost is already documenting Cain's lack of truthfulness:

As you can see, Cain said people want to audit the Fed because "they don't know enough about it." To which Ron Paul properly rephrased and used the word "ignorant."By definition, Ron Paul's use was correct.

Herman Cain thinks that his slick talk can walk him thru this GOP primary. I certainly hope not. Particularly on issues as important as monetary policy and transparency, Cain needs to be forthright and not just keep repeating "9-9-9." It's getting annoying.

Cain also owes Ron Paul and the American people an apology for intentionally misleading us with regard to his true feelings toward his beloved Bankster Buddies.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Herman Cain has already lost this Republican's vote. Besides his refusing to take a position on Afghanistan, he recently stated, "If you don't have a job or are not rich, blame yourself… not Wall Street." Herbert Hoover had more sympathy for the unemployed during the great depression.

Cain's personal success story is admirable, but he's clearly not ready for the presidency. I'm not thrilled with Romney, but Mitt probably has the best shot at beating Obama.

Tim White said...

Besides HuffPost, The Hill's Cameron Joseph just called out Herman Cain on his lie:

Cain’s praise of Greenspan drew a sharp rebuke from Paul, who called the former chairman a “disaster” — to loud cheers from the audience.

At another point, Paul quoted Cain as calling those who wanted to audit the Fed “ignorant.” Cain said he was being misquoted, but that quote has been unearthed and verified.

Drew Ivers, a longtime Iowa Republican committeeman who is running Paul’s campaign in the state, pointed out that all five congressmen and both senators in Iowa voted for Paul’s bill to audit the Fed.

“I think it is going to hurt him,” Ivers said. “He’s contradicting himself, he’s making false claims to say there’s nothing to learn and it’s going to hurt him in Iowa.”

I hope in the near future my GOP jumps off the Cain Train and finds another ride.

My choices at this point:

1) Paul
2) Johnson
3) Huntman
4) Newt

Breachway said...

I'm a Republican - I haven't decided he lost my vote. Who am I going to vote for? Mitt the flip flopper - the guys a fake. Perry the in state tuition for illegals, religious right(wrong), Bachmann?just a complete idiot, religious right.. the nutty ex senator from Pennsylvania - Mr Pro life - hey Santorum: Jesus wasn't an American..keep him out of it... Keep bullying Planned Parenthood and lose Indepen and moderate repubs....Newt wont win period...and he probably would do the best job out of the bunch..

The Right side of the party wont win.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Herman Cain also has quite a few on his staff who are linked to Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers astroturf group.
That's willful misdirection.

And while this is certainly not his fault, it is certainly of concern that he is a stage IV cancer survivor. At his age, it is arrogant of him to run for such office facing those odds. It would be almost a certainty that he either would be a part time president, or die quickly form stress if he really attempted to do the job. The Vp woudl be ultra important.

Than again, Herman Cain is so flagrantly ignorant on so many fronts - claims not to know what a neocon is, wants to kill desperate Hispanics, thinks racism is only an excuse - for everybody but him. Mean, nasty and dumb. Herman is just a lip syncing front man - so who is pulling the strings?

Cedar Lane said...

Mitt Romney will probably be the GOP nominee because he's "none of the above".

The frontrunner in polls has changed from month to month, but Romney has steadily been the second choice of GOP voters.

Question is: will Tea Partiers vote in November for Romney who's not 100% to their liking, or will they stay home and ensure Obama's reelection?

I don't know for whom I'll vote in the primary, but Romney's reputation as a flip-flopper has been greatly exaggerated.