Monday, September 12, 2011

Ron Paul won the CNN / Tea Party debate

How did he win the debate?

Easy! He's the only one who literally changed the debate.

Santorum supports sound money?

Cain wants to audit the Fed?

Perry thinks Bernanke is a traitor? (OTT IMO)

Bachmann's on the band wagon too.

Mitt was the only one who refuses to challenge the unconstitutional supremacy of The Fed. He probably just wants more bailouts for his friends, The Banksters.

But to top it off, Ron Paul didn't even get to answer the question about the Fed! And it was Ron Paul who nearly single-handedly introduced and passed the Audit the Fed amendment in the abomination known as Dodd / Frank.

That's a big reason why I love Ron Paul. He IS a game-changer!

Tim White

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You've been in the tropics too long.