Sunday, July 17, 2011

A day in the life: visiting earthquake houses (#1)

Besides working in the healthcare field, HHF works on a number of other development initiatives. As you could imagine, one of the big issues relates to post-earthquake housing.

Following the EQ, many people left Port-au-Prince for good reason. It's now been more than 18 months and the city still has huge numbers of tent cities and fallen buildings.

As such, housing outside of PAP is needed. And we're working on that.

I just had the opportunity to go on a final review of much of our EQ housing project. Not much of it is located in Jeremie. Rather, the houses are located in the countryside outside of Jeremie. On this excursion, I visited the villages of Moron and Tessier.

Here's one of the houses I visited:And here's a close-up of the proud father with two of his children:After visiting that house and having the grantor (CRS) confirm the EQ-migrant status of the residents, we walked further up the hill to the next house:Here you can see the new house we built (center) and the old house (left) that was crumbling. As for the crumbling, I understand it was unrelated to the EQ:Here's a better view of the old house. You can plainly see how bad it is:And here's a close-up of the reason for the new EQ house. Three of these kids grew up here, but the other three kids are from PAP. They are among the tens of thousands of migrants who moved to the state of Grand Anse because they were displaced by the earthquake:It's unclear to me whether these children were orphaned or simply sent here to live with their relatives because their parents couldn't take care of them in PAP. And that's not a particularly uncommon story, since so many people lost their houses, spouses and so many other critical ingredients for making a home and raising a family.

And this was a going away pic for me. These kids were so happy for their new house with a roof and solid walls. They were adorable. It was nice to see them so happy.

Tim White


Brian McGuinness in Cheshire said...

Tim, man... I just clicked you in google because this trial is giving me the crazies.

Listen man. Isn't it kinda true that there is no reward on earth for what we do? It is all under the control of The Man. geez...I ain't too stable lately, I got diagnosed with teh big C in May or June...and then...I hit a wall emotionally. (Yeah yeah, this ain't a depression site, well, fellow citizens....I am depressed)
Ya sknow, I take care of my 91 year old friend/partner.....many years. He's fine (My gf is a geriatric nurse) but man...

There is NO reward here on this earth.

met you twice, I know who you are...a great guy. Would make a great governor or My President (I mean it, man.)

Some rich guy with cancer in cheshire...

(you are real.)
(I know ya do the Haiti's beautiful, man.)

Tim White said...

Thank you Brian. And yes, I know you. I think you bought your house from the Shamoos, was it? How can you forget that name either?!

And for you (and all of us on Earth), a few words from a hero of mine, Fr. Mychal Judge:

Lord, take me where You want me to go,
let me meet who You want me to meet,
tell me what You want me to say,
and keep me out of Your way.