Sunday, May 08, 2011

Constructing a cholera outreach tent

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to help construct the first of ten cholera outreach (education & healthcare) tents. We located it in a small village, Carrefour Prince.

I got there with two fellow employees, Moise and Nixon. Nixon drove there.

Here are a few pix from when we arrived:Here the villagers tear down what appears to be the old "community building." It had no roof. And I'm uncertain if a "community building" is an appropriate description because my Creole is still that of a two-year old. But it certainly seemed to be some sort of structure -- without a roof -- on community property.Here Nixon and Moise begin breaking down the boxes with the tent materials:A Carrefour Prince resident:The locals were initially hesitant to help. I'm not sure why, but at least some waited for direction:Old meets new:More construction pix:This boy wasn't helping in the construction. But I asked him for a pic of him as he passed by riding his donkey and he obliged. Everyone was very helpful.The construction continued:And the job was done after several hours in the Haitian sun. I certainly got some color that day while working!I drove back to Jeremie down the dirt road using the 4WD and going very slowly. Parts of the road's shoulder are simply a cliff. And there's one switchback -- immediatately before fording a river -- that requires a multi-point K turn for even the best of drivers. Regardless, I got back to my place and was glad that I had finally had the opportunity to drive here. It is chaotic, but it gave me a bit more nerve to buy my bike...

Tim White

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you look as white as the day you left