Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life in the tropics... fresh coconut milk

I had a chance to pry myself away from my usual routine of deskwork and homework yesterday. I got out into the field to do hard labor. Well... it was more normal boy scout work... setting up a tent... but in the Haitian sun, it wasn't easy for a whitie who gets fried pretty easily. It was important though. The project relates to our ongoing cholera outreach, but I'll try to post more on that later. In the meantime...

This is just one of the niceties of living in the tropics... fresh coconut milk! I didn't ask for it, but the villagers found some coconuts (they grow everywhere), pulled out a couple machetes and let us quench our thirst...This is one difference from Cheshire. I've found that in the tropics around the world, they don't necessarily eat the coconut meat. But people always drink the milk. And to drink the milk, there's no need to prepare the coconut so that it looks like the coconuts you see in Stop & Shop. You just need to make a neat little hole and drink!
Tim White


John Pepper said...

Cheers! Thanks for the inside view of life down there.

Anonymous said...

It really is great having a front row seat like this. The everyday stuff there is wild to me.